Caloundra Music Festival to take a break in 2024

Caloundra Music Festival to take a break in 2024

The Caloundra Music Festival (CMF), a beloved event on the Sunshine Coast since 2007, will be taking a hiatus in 2024 due to soaring operational costs and increased living expenses impacting ticket sales. This festival, recognised with a People’s Choice Award for Festival of the Year at the Queensland Music Awards, is part of a larger trend affecting music festivals nationwide.

A recent report from Creative Australia has identified rising operational costs as a primary challenge for music festivals. CMF's expenses include event infrastructure, security, crew wages, and accommodations, among others. Furthermore, increased interest rates and costs for essentials such as rent, fuel, and food have reduced the disposable income available to potential festival-goers.

Despite the Sunshine Coast Council’s prior endorsement of the festival to continue until 2025, the decision was made to skip the 2024 edition to avoid potential losses from late cancellation fees. Councillor Terry Landsberg noted that the festival annually contributed over $4 million to the local economy. Festival Director Richie Eyles highlighted the CMF's role in promoting local talent alongside renowned Australian and international artists.

With no tickets pre-sold for 2024 and no artists booked, there are no logistical issues with refunds or cancellations. The community is encouraged to support other local events and festivals to help sustain the vibrant music scene during CMF’s absence.

Plans to possibly resume the festival in 2025 will be considered by the new council in the upcoming months. Meanwhile, tickets for other local music events like the Maleny Music Festival and the Sunshine Coast Chamber Music Festival remain available.