Grants open to support social connections among older Queenslanders

Grants open to support social connections among older Queenslanders
Photo by Keith Tanner / Unsplash

Queensland is offering $2.5 million annually from 2024 to 2029 in grants to combat social isolation among older residents. Organisations capable of enhancing the connectedness and activity of older Queenslanders within their communities are invited to apply.

This initiative also seeks an organization to oversee the Seniors Social Isolation Program and advise the government. With a growing population of older individuals, especially in rural and regional areas, the program prioritises applications from organisations in underserved locations and those supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders.

Social isolation can significantly affect the emotional, mental, and physical health of older people, leading to reduced quality of life and exacerbated health issues. By fostering social connections and community engagement, the services aim to improve the well-being of older Queenslanders.

This new funding complements an existing $20.5 million, five-year investment supporting 42 providers of Seniors Social Isolation Services across 25 local government areas in Queensland.

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