Sunshine Coast Welcomes New State-of-the-Art Maroochy Private Hospital

Sunshine Coast Welcomes New State-of-the-Art Maroochy Private Hospital

The Sunshine Coast is set to receive a significant healthcare boost with the announcement that Barwon Investment Partners (Barwon) has received approval from Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) for the development of the Maroochy Private Hospital. The cutting-edge, eight-story medical and teaching facility, situated in the evolving central business district of Maroochydore, will begin its construction mid-year, marking a pivotal development in Queensland’s healthcare landscape.

The Maroochy Private Hospital aims to address the growing healthcare needs of Maroochydore and the wider Sunshine Coast region, with a particular focus on the management of musculoskeletal conditions. The facility is poised to become a hub for surgical research and innovation, thanks in part to its anchor tenants, the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) and Medacta, a leading international orthopaedic company.

USC Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Helen Bartlett highlighted the collaborative efforts with Medacta, stating that the hospital will serve as a center of excellence in clinical care, innovation, education, and research. This partnership will enhance health outcomes for residents, and offer unprecedented opportunities for researchers and students across various health disciplines.

The hospital will feature a range of surgical specialties and ancillary healthcare services, including comprehensive pain management, sports medicine, and allied health offerings. Designed with high-end amenities and a rooftop relaxation area for staff, the facility promises a world-class experience for visitors, staff, and patients alike.

Tom Patrick, Head of Healthcare Property at Barwon, expressed enthusiasm over the project's approval, emphasizing the development's role in serving community healthcare needs and boosting local employment. Barwon's investment in the Maroochydore CBD is expected to reflect a value-based healthcare model, contributing significantly to the area's development and appeal.

Sunshine Coast Council Mayor Mark Jamieson welcomed the new health facility, recognizing it as a crucial addition to Australia's only greenfield city center in Maroochydore. The project aligns with the council's partnership with Walker Corporation, aiming to diversify the city center's facilities and services.

Since launching the Barwon Institutional Healthcare Property Fund in 2016, Barwon has amassed a portfolio of 22 healthcare properties valued at over $1.1 billion. With continued support from institutional investors and the potential for further growth, Barwon is set to expand its healthcare real estate investments, reinforcing its commitment to enhancing healthcare infrastructure in Australia.