O'Pray to leverage sister city opportunities

O'Pray to leverage sister city opportunities

Sunshine Coast Mayoral Candidate and Division 8 Councillor Jason O'Pray has announced plans to expand the Sister City program, focusing on establishing a new relationship with Gujarat, India, if elected as Mayor.

Highlighting Gujarat's status as India's most industrialised state, O'Pray aims to leverage its economic strengths and agricultural industries to benefit the Sunshine Coast through high net-worth investments and other economic opportunities.

O'Pray criticises previous Sister City arrangements as superficial and seeks to use the new partnership with Gujarat as a model for generating tangible economic benefits for the Sunshine Coast. He emphasizes the potential for attracting tourists, students, and business investors to the region, especially with the expansion of the Sunshine Coast International Airport.

Prominent Gujarati businessman Nick Patel and Gujarati Community Association President Rajesh Variya express strong support for OPray's initiative, acknowledging the potential for enhanced business and cultural ties between Gujarat and the Sunshine Coast.

Patel, in particular, looks forward to contributing to the region's development if OPray is elected Mayor, while Variya highlights the local Gujarati community's support for fostering better relationships and opportunities through this proposed Sister City relationship.