Tasty treat from Bonza

Tasty treat from Bonza
Launceston is now the 12th destination serviced by Bonza from Sunshine Coast Airport

In a tasty development for Australian travellers, Bonza, the nation's sole independent low-cost airline, has inaugurated a new direct flight route between the Sunshine Coast and Launceston, just in time for the Easter holidays.

This route, operating on Mondays and Fridays at a starting price of $89 one-way, marks the first direct connection between these two renowned food regions.

Celebrating this milestone, Bonza has collaborated with Kenilworth Bakery on the Sunshine Coast to create a special "hotXnut," blending a hot cross bun and a donut, highlighting the agritourism potential of this new service.

Bonza's CEO, Tim Jordan, emphasized the opportunity for Australians to explore the rich culinary landscapes of both destinations, known for their commitment to paddock-to-plate experiences and local food and drink production.

The Sunshine Coast, hosting over 900 producers, is celebrated as Queensland's Sunshine Pantry, while Launceston boasts the title of UNESCO City of Gastronomy, famous for its local produce and wine region.

Launching as Bonza's 12th route from the Sunshine Coast and its second from Launceston, this service aims to foster economic and tourism exchanges between the two areas. Sunshine Coast Airport CEO, Chris Mills, and Launceston Airport CEO, Shane O’Hare, both highlighted the growth and connectivity benefits expected from this initiative.

With over 38,000 seats available annually, the service promises to facilitate new travel and culinary experiences for Australians, underpining Bonza's mission to make air travel more accessible and stimulate tourism markets.

Limited edition Bonza ‘hotXnut’ by Kenilworth Bakery,a cross between a hot cross bun and a donut