Tourism and business unite for sustainability on the Coast

Tourism and business unite for sustainability on the Coast

In celebration of World Environment Day, the first batch of 10,000 trees purchased through the Sunshine Coast Sustainability Program was planted. This initiative, a collaboration between Visit Sunshine Coast (VSC), Reforest, and the Sunshine Coast Council, aims to offset carbon impacts and restore natural habitats by encouraging local businesses and tourists to buy and plant trees. The inaugural planting took place at Kurui Cabin in the Cooroy Mountain Wildlife Corridor, marking a significant milestone for the pioneering project.

Visit Sunshine Coast CEO Matt Stoeckel emphasised the tourism industry's commitment to giving back to the community, enhancing carbon removal, and restoring natural habitats. He highlighted the natural appeal of the Sunshine Coast as a major draw for visitors and the importance of maintaining a greener future.

Reforest co-founder Daniel Walsh expressed excitement over the tangible impact of the program, noting that planting trees at the Cooroy Mountain site helps restore grazing land to its original subtropical rainforest state, a critically endangered ecological community. The site, part of a tributary creek connected to the Upper Six-Mile Creek of the Mary River, plays a crucial role in maintaining water quality in the Great Sandy Straight and Southern Great Barrier Reef lagoon.

The first properties chosen for regeneration, located in Cooroy and Caloundra, were former cattle lands now being transformed with native plant species. This effort aims to improve biodiversity and create safe habitats for endangered species such as koalas, Coxen’s parrot, and the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly.

Mr. Stoeckel also highlighted the unique position of the Sunshine Coast within a Biosphere corridor, flanked by three UNESCO Biosphere regions, which attracts both national and international visitors and generates significant revenue for the local economy. The initiative underscores the region's commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship as integral to its tourism strategy.

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Sunshine Coast operators: With shovels and seedlings at the ready, Sunshine Coast tourism operators Helen Mitchell (Noosa Springs), Jennifer Maynard (Aquaduck), Shell Rodney (Misty View Cottages), Myra Christine (Amaze World) and Mark Cameron (The Point Coolum) plant trees that they and their visitors have purchased through the Sunshine Coast Sustainability Program.