What's more Aussie than Bruce

What's more Aussie than Bruce

Bonza, the Australian low-cost airline, has announced the naming of its sixth aircraft as 'Bruce', a choice influenced by the popularity of the name among Australians and a nod to the country's cultural heritage.

CEO Tim Jordan emphasised the significance of the name, highlighting its resonance with the Australian community and its alignment with Bonza's efforts to offer affordable travel options across its network of 21 destinations.

The introduction of 'Bruce' is part of Bonza's broader expansion strategy, which includes establishing a fourth base and increasing the fleet to ten aircraft by the end of the year.

'Bruce' joins other uniquely named aircraft in the fleet, such as 'Matilda', which was named in honor of the Matildas' World Cup success. The naming process involved input from Bonza's social media followers, reflecting the airline's engagement with its customer base.

Bonza continues to focus on connecting Australians through unserved and underserved routes, with plans for further fleet expansion to be announced in the future. The airline encourages travellers to use the Fly Bonza app for direct bookings, underscoring its commitment to accessibility and convenience for its passengers.